Nexlending offers a diverse and flexible portfolio of loan products. All of which are designed with you in mind. Our programs are designed to be  unconventional, creative and universal. Furthermore, all of our loans are secured and they are available to individuals, groups of individuals and for profit or non-forprofit entities.

nexlendin loan types

Auto Loans

We offer some of the most innovative financial options for residential and commercial real estate finance. Let us be you partner moving forward.

nexlendin loan types

Real Estate Loans

There has never been a perfect time in the history of real estate to acquire property than now! Thus we encourage you to take advantage of the market.  We are confident that one of our great programs was tailored to meet your needs. Click Here to get started and choose from one of our many real estate finance products.

nexlendin loan types

Farm Equipment Loans

We know sometimes it’s difficult to source the right finance programs to capitalize your equipment for your business. We are here to help, simply create an application and let your neighbor invest in you. Get started today!


nexlendin loan types

Medical Equipment Loans

Need a loan? But the bank won’t consider your application, unless you demonstrate that the loan isn’t a critical need. We know the irony of conventional banking,  social lending is your solution. The world is waiting to invest in you, just click Here.

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