Your investment strategy is the catalyst which will determine the overall performance of your portfolio and therefore the return on your investments. You decide your the returns you make by the choice of the notes you choose for your portfolio. Its all directed and control by you. The notes are categorized by  risks grades and the grades  are A through E with sub-grades A1 through C3.


Open an Account – Then fund your account and start investing.

Diversify your portfolio by spreading your investment dollars over wide range of notes and risks grades. With the right strategy you can receive an average of 12.5%.

Nexlending Notes

Nexlending Notes are fixed-income investments that generate monthly cash flow in the form of payments of principal and interest. Generally, investors choose to invest in hundreds or thousands of Notes to diversify and benefit from more consistent performance. Notes are graded A through E and carry interest rates commensurate with assumed risks. Investors can build a portfolio that fits their investment objectives.

Trading Your Notes

At this time there are no secondary markets or alternative trading marketplace for the Notes.   It is therefore advisable for Investors to understand that they will have to hold the notes to maturity. The company may seek outlets  in the future to allow owners of Notes issued by Nexlending Inc. to offer those Notes for sale to other Nexlending members.

Servicing Fees

NexLending charges a 1.50% of the principal, interest and late fees received by Nexlending from borrower members in respect of each corresponding member loan (in each case excluding any payments due to Nexlending on account of portions of the corresponding member loan, if any, funded by Nexlending itself)

We Do Not Provide Investment Advise

This information or any information within our web site should not be considered investment advice. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Consider reviewing the all documents and agreements with a financial adviser prior to investing. Information on this page and other place of our site is presented for illustrative purposes only and is not a report or and or suggestion of actual performance of any specific portfolio of Notes.