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As a corporation, our team has a singular focus?making our community better for everyone. At the heart of all that we do, you’ll find a true dedication to our people, our clients and the communities we serve.

NexLending is an online financial company which offers a peer-to-peer lending platform. through the online community we provide loan for the financing of medical equipment, real estate (commercial and residential), farm equipment commercial and personal automobile and small business loans. This online community will serve its members by creating an interactive environment in which the local communihttps://ghostwriteronline.eu/ty can become involved in the drive to cultivate its own prosperity.  It brings together individuals and organizations as  borrowers and lender / investors. Organizations and individuals  who are resolved to find a better investment option than the traditional outlets permit or may just be seeking to diversify their investment portfolio turns to Nexlending for that answer.   Nexlending replaces the high cost and complex process of traditional institution with a simpler, smarter way to borrow and invest. NexLending’s solutions just simple makes more sense. It is the true hassle free and stress free way to finance your dream.

Common sense approach,  and a stress free experience:

  • Members can join in minutes.
  • Borrowers get instant loan quote and approval.
  • Investors open an account, its fast and easy.
  • The process is all completed online, so the experience is fast, confidential, and secure.

Borrowers loan request are from US $2,000  to  US$40,000 or its equivalent in Jamaican dollars for automobiles, up to US$100,000 or its equivalent in Jamaican dollars  for medical equipment and farm equipment, up to US$500,000 for residential real estate and up US$1,000,000 or its Jamaican dollar equivalent for commercial real estate. Investor lenders may invest as little as US$25  or  JA $3000 in each loan listing they select. Investors will consider each loan based on the NexLending rating the personal description, and other general characteristics such interest rate, term, amount of loan and purpose of the loan. NexLending handles the servicing of the loan on behalf of the matched borrowers and investors.


NexLending makes the process very simple for both investors and borrower members:

  • Membership is free and anyone can join
  • When borrowing; applcation is free, process is easy and response is instant.
  • When investing, you can open an account instantly and start building a portfolio that can earn more than other
  • investments with comparable risk.
  • Our process are all automated and are all done online.
  • Nexlending handles the servicing of the loan on behalf of the matched borrowers and investors.


  • Mr. Rohan Daley

    General Manage

  • Alvin Jones

    Chief  Technology Officer

  • Chief Account

  •  Board of Advisors



  • AUTO LOANS-our auto loans can be used for the purchase or refinance of any personal and some commercial automobiles.
  • REAL ESTATE FINANCE – our real estate finance programs are mortgage alternatives,  They are created to be cost effect, efficient and prudent way to plan and enter into property ownership.
  • EQUIPMENT FINANCE – These finance products are designed for businesses to facilitate the acquisition of their equipment by the means of a lease a loan or an alternative finance product.
  • Our programs are currently limited to the following industries:
    • Agriculture / Farm equipment
    • Medical Equipment
    • Automobile  private and Commercial (Tractor / Trailer)

nexlendin loan types


We offer some of the most innovative financial products for residential and commercial real estate finance.

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nexlendin loan types


Our Auto finance products are flexible and user friendly. they were designed for people.  We offer you a hand to help you on… what do you say?

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nexlendin loan types


Our Medical equipment products are one of a kind and Designed to serve small to medium size medical business. The products are flexible and are designed to  make it easier for you.

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nexlendin loan types


Farmers often find it difficult to find the right partner to provide the finance they need for their equipment. We have come as that right partner.

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As a global leader in financial service delivery and solutions, NexLending is passionate about innovating new ways to bring financial solutions to businesses and individuals as a community and for a better day for all. And that’s exactly what a career at NexLending is all about.

Whether you start with Nexlending with little or no experience or arrive with years of valuable experience, everyone at NexLending has the opportunity to grow. Empowering people and communities around the globe takes more than innovative thinkers, collaborative teammates and incredible technology. It calls on the values that are purpose driven. To deliver our mission begins with talented individuals like you?people who are ready to turn ideas into successful business practices. Explore our career opportunities and see how you can help us to make the world work better.

Below you will find the details for the position including any supplementary documentation and questions you should review before applying to the opening.
To begin your application, please submit as soon as possible by mail, fax, or email your resume or CV and a cover letter in which you describe how your qualifications and experience have prepared you for this position and a list of three professional references to:  1 Wesley Road  suite 10 Wesley Plaza Mandeville  Manchester. or email: info@nexlendingja.com


Director Of Technology 1 vacancy – get details
System Analyst 1 vacancy – get details
Graphic Designer 1 vacancy – get details
Systems Engineer 1 vacancy – get details
Software Engineer 1 vacancy – get details
Marketing Director 1 vacancy – get details
Account Representatives 1 vacancy – get details
Copywriter 1 vacancy – get details
Sales Manager 1 vacancy – get details
Accountant 1 vacancy – get details
Payroll Specialist 1 vacancy – get details
A/C Receivables Specialist 1 vacancy – get details
A/C Payable Specialist 1 vacancy – get details
Senior Underwriter 1 vacancy – get details
Underwriting support 1 vacancy – get details
Risks Manager 1 vacancy – get details
Investment Director  1 vacancy – get details
Administrative Asistance 1 vacancy – get details
Human Resource Director 1 vacancy – get details
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Coming Soon…


  • Garth Smith

    Chief Exective Officer / President and Director of Nexlending Inc.

  • To be determined

    Executive Vice President and Director of nexlending Inc.

  • Stanley Gibbs

    Vice President and director NexLending Inc.

  • Vacant Position

    Chief Technlogy Officer NexLending Inc.